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TL-Lincoln is a sales and reservation management system for accommodation facilities.
Accommodation facilities can use TL-Lincoln to register and update their remaining rooms and rates for sales partners as needed.
Basically, all available rooms and rates for all sales partners are pooled together and managed on a centralized basis, eliminating the need to deal with individual distributors and thereby streamlining the sales management process.
Reservation data generated by TL-Lincoln can be made available and imported into hotel property management systems (PMSs).

TL-Lincoln Features

  • Centralized management of travel agencies and online distributors

    The number of rooms sold and rooms remaining can be checked on a single screen by both travel agencies and online distributors.
    The numbers of rooms booked or available can be easily checked by all parties, ensuring more precise adjustment of remaining inventory.

  • Across-the-board control of available rooms/room rates

    Work efficiency can be greatly improved by controlling the remaining rooms and rates of multiple sales destinations at once.
    The system rapidly updates the number of remaining rooms and room rates, thereby eliminating the risk of overbooking, which is a key feature of TL-Lincoln.

  • Enhanced PMSs connectivity

    TL-Lincoln generates reservation data outputs in the industry-standard TL-Lincoln format, enabling detailed information to be imported into hotel property management systems (PMSs).
    The number of connections to the integrated two-way interface continues to increase, allowing operators to update rates and rooms available directly from property management systems (PMSs).

  • Statistical data

    10 different statistical datatypes can be displayed smoothly and quickly on TL-Lincoln.
    In addition to online distributors' sale data, sales data can also be aggregated by individual travel agency branch.

  • Strengthened ties with sales partners for enhanced convenience

    TL-Lincoln is also focused on new collaborations that go beyond regular Channel Manager functionality.
    TL-Lincoln Connect provides revolutionary connectivity that can reduce administrative workload and the risk of overbooking and is being rolled out to an increasing number of compatible distributors. “Extension of sales plans” is a breakthrough collaboration initiative started in response to feedback from accommodation facilities that should lead to significant labor savings.

  • Simultaneous usage by multiple users

    As an internet-based application service provider (ASP), TL-Lincoln can be used from anywhere with an internet connection and can be used simultaneously by multiple personnel.
    Security issues are addressed through restrictions on the functions available based on administrator privilege settings and through the careful tracking of usage history to determine who did what and when.


The use of paper files and spreadsheet software ledgers for group management tasks is long-established, and business inertia means that many tasks are still carried out in analog format by vendors and distributors. This, in turn, acts as a constraint on efficient information sharing, with over-reliance on individual staff members being a frequently highlighted drawback of this approach.
The TL-GroupTravel system has been developed to provide solutions to these issues and to streamline group management tasks for accommodation facilities.
The systematization of the management processes for all projects, from inquiries to decisions to hold events, enables the efficient collation of group data, real-time information sharing, and leveraging of accumulated data for group management purposes.
This in turn frees up time for accommodation-facility staff that can be better utilized elsewhere.

TL-GroupTravel Features

  • Systematization of group operations

    TL-GroupTravel makes it simple to manage group data that was previously complex and disorganized.

  • Centralized information management through the cloud

    Consolidating individual management tasks in the cloud allows them to be registered and checked at any time and any where that an internet connection is available.
    Multiple accounts can be issued to different supervisors, ensuring that information is smoothly shared between departments, such as reservations and sales.

  • Data visualization improves accuracy

    The usage of digital systems instead of conventional paper ledgers and spreadsheets enables users to check room inventories quickly and easily and to visualize data effectively.

  • Online communication with travel agencies

    Online interaction between travel agencies and TL-GroupTravel means that arrangements currently made by fax or e-mail can now be uploaded to TL-GroupTravel.
    TL-GroupTravel enables the detailed coordination of everything from reservation requests to confirmations, making it an interactive tool that streamlines the operating work efficiency of accommodation facilities, as well as simplifying the work required for travel agencies.
    *Travel agencies need to connect to TL-GroupTravel. Currently, JTB Corporation is in this category.


With the introduction of TLBooking, it is possible to unify the design of official reservation sites and reservation systems in order to build seamless screen transitions.

TLBooking Features

  • Build an official reservations site with customized original branding

    Use TLBooking to create uniformly designed reservation sites with individually customized branding.

  • Improve conversion rate (CVR)

    With TLBooking, there is no need to go to an external page; the entire booking process can be completed on the same screen, which improves conversion rate (CVR).
    In addition, the bookings page is integrated with the official reservations site, creating a seamless process that ensures that users do not leave the site during the reservation process.

  • TL-Lincoln facilitates the management of official reservation sites

    Room types and plans are logged in TL-Lincoln Connect, and details of remaining rooms can be managed in a unified way across multiple distributors.
    In addition, the support center, billing, and other processes are all contained within TL-Lincoln, which eliminates the need for system-wide management.

  • Sell all inventory with peace of mind, down to the last room

    Integration of remaining rooms on TL-Lincoln with hotels' official reservation sites means that operators can be confident that they can sell their entire inventory down to the last room without the risk of overbooking.